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Updated: May 5, 2021

Let’s talk about flossing –YES – the dreaded subject. Why is it, that even just the word “flossing” brings forth a feeling of automatic fatigue? Perhaps because it is in fact a time consuming practice, however, I believe that if we can fully understand the value and benefit in it, for us, we will see to it that we make it a daily practice.

Now, did you know that our gums hold plaque like a pocket can hold stuff? When we leave plaque in our gums we are essentially leaving our “gum pockets” full. The problem is, the next time around, MORE plaque is stuffed into those pockets which eventually causes them to detach from the teeth. Picture a fence post that is held in place by dirt or cement. If the substance that is anchoring the post begins to recede, then eventually that post will become mobile and eventually come out. Make sense?

The devastating result with teeth is that once our gum and bone tissue have been dissolved away from the teeth – there is no “re-attaching” that takes place. Recession in our gums first causes sensitivity (which can be extremely painful) and in severe cases – loose teeth, which means extractions and then being fitted for either dentures or implants. This is why flossing is imperative. We must make sure to empty out our gum pockets everyday just like we empty out the trash. There is only so much that can be held before a “breakdown” begins. Not to mention the red, bubbling, bleeding when you brush, and bad odor when you speak - other side effects. This diagram shows the proper way to floss and the even how to reach under the pockets in order to empty them out. So, if you value one only set of teeth you will have for the rest of your life, floss - floss - floss!

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